PRIUS series: cuộc cách mạng của PRIUS MF

PRIUS series: revolution of PRIUS MF

After having introduced with the PRIUS range the first series of motor driven pumps entirely designed and engineered by EMEC, we decided to undertake a new challenge, a new adventure taking us to develop a revolutionary product: the PRIUS MultiFunction.

PRIUS is the series of pumps that joins the strength of an important metering with a safe chemicals resistance. Their high capability of metering permits a wide range of applications: plants for drinking water, industrial water treatment, purification processes, food industry, chemical industry etc.

The new PRIUS MF series now adds to all these features a level of control never seen before.


PRIUS MF has indeed an all new accuracy degree in metering regulation with the revolutionary electronic control Encoder. Thanks to its display, enabling an easy and quick reading of data, both with plunger (PRIUS MF P) and with diaphragm (PRIUS D MF, available even for HIGH PRESSURE) it can be programmed in different working modes: constant, ppm, %, mlq, pause-work, weekly, mA, Volt and Batch. You can plan weekly dosing activities, monitor the level of products, turn on and off alarms and activate a flow sensor.

Through Modbus (RS485) you can combine PRIUS MF with other instruments and manage everything by PLC. Lastly, PRIUS MF can comply with any situation by rotating pump by 90° over the electronic unit.

The final outcome is a breakthrough design with a special attention to every detail, starting from working modalities optimised for every specific need of our customers up to the employment of noble materials like aerospace aluminium.

All these innovations, in addition to having made PRIUS MF the top product of PRIUS range, make it the new leader of its sector.

– PRIUS D MF (with pump head in PDVF, in PP or in SS)

– PRIUS D MF HIGH PRESSURE (with pump head in SS)

– PRIUS P MF (with pump head in PP and ceramic plunger or with pump head and plunger in SS)

– PRIUS D MF (với đầu bơm trong PDVF, PP hoặc SS)

– PRIUS D MF ÁP LỰC CAO (với đầu bơm trong SS)

– PRIUS P MF (với đầu bơm PP và pít tông gốm hoặc với đầu bơm và pít tông trong SS)

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