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Viet Thai T.T Co., Ltd.  was established in 2004, formerly the representative office of ProMient Group in Vietnam, the initial activity of distributing measuring and quantitative technology equipment has brought great success.

  “Quality, price, integrity” is always the guideline for all business activities of Viet Thai T.T.

  With a long-term vision and sustainable development perspective, Viet Thai T.T has focused on serving the chemical industry and wastewater treatment.

  October 2013 Viet Thai T.T officially became the representative of Pakco Group to distribute specialized chemical tanks in Vietnam.

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Now Viet Thai T.T is the exclusive distributor of EMEC products. Products of Viet Thai TT service for the manufacturing industry and the environment such as chemical dosing pumps, measuring equipment such as PH, Chlorine, Bromine, temperature, conductivity, pipes and accessories chemical conduit, chemical storage tanks, chemical igniters and controls including pumps, tanks, gauges … Our customers are: Factories and multinational companies such as Cocacola, Pepsi , Unilever, P&G, Colgate , Pamolive, Lavie, Nestle, Heneiken… and industrial parks.

The strength that makes the difference of Viet Thai TT is the specialization in each department, the high sense of responsibility and the technical team working seriously and carefully creating a professional style. industry in Viet Thai. In addition, the departments regularly exchange work, share experiences, difficulties and initiatives to build a dynamic, creative and professional Viet Thai in each project and project.

Viet Thai T.T would like to thank the businesses, companies and organizations that have accompanied Prominent during the past time. Now we would like to invite you to join Viet Thai TT continue to conquer the pinnacle of more modern technology, better quality and more optimal price – there can only be < strong>EMEC.