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3 Things to Know About Chemical Dosing Pumps

3 Things to Know About Chemical Dosing Pumps
3 Things to Know About Chemical Dosing Pumps

1. What is a Chemical Dosing Pump?

Chemical Dosing Pump is the name of an industrial pump used specifically for dosing and pumping various types of chemicals, especially corrosive and highly reactive chemicals such as hot concentrated sulfuric acid (H2SO4), nitric acid (HNO3), hydrochloric acid (HCL), alkaline solutions, etc. These pumps are designed to achieve the highest pumping efficiency.

Chemical Dosing Pumps are widely used in chemical industries and various other industries such as printing, paint production, chemical laboratory, scientific research, rubber production, asphalt, liquid crystals, etc. In addition to pumping different types of chemicals, Chemical Dosing Pumps have many other applications depending on the user’s needs.

What is a Chemical Dosing Pump?
What is a Chemical Dosing Pump?

2. Structure of Chemical Dosing Pumps

Chemical Dosing Pumps have a relatively simple structure similar to water pumps, and they can be either horizontal or vertical centrifugal pumps. The difference between water pumps and Chemical Dosing Pumps is that Chemical Dosing Pumps measure the amount of water and adjust the dosage according to the specific requirements, while also pumping various types of chemicals. On the other hand, water pumps are only used for pumping water. However, water pumps have a wide range of materials, whereas Chemical Dosing Pumps are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as PP plastic, stainless steel, etc., for the parts that come into contact with chemicals.

The structure of Chemical Dosing Pumps includes the following components:

– Pump body, pump chamber, pump lid, pump shaft, impeller, pump rotor, inlet assembly, outlet assembly, suction pipe, discharge pipe.

Each component of Chemical Dosing Pumps has different functions and works together to form a complete unit that operates efficiently with the highest performance.

3. How Do Chemical Dosing Pumps Work?

Chemical Dosing Pumps operate based on a simple yet precise mechanism that enables them to pump even highly viscous and difficult-to-pump chemicals.

Step 1: Priming: Chemical Dosing Pumps work on a similar principle to water pumps, so priming is necessary before pumping. Priming involves filling the pump body and suction pipe with liquid before starting the pump.

Step 2: Pumping: The pump starts operating, and the impeller rotates. Under the centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown out and moves through the designated paths into the discharge pipe.

Step 3: Suction: When the pumping process is completed, a vacuum is created at the inlet of the impeller, allowing the liquid to be drawn into the pump through the suction pipe.

Step 4: Completion: The pumping and suction processes continue in a continuous cycle, forming a complete operation of Chemical Dosing Pumps.

By reading this news article, you now have an understanding of what Chemical Dosing Pumps are, as well as their structure and working principle.

4. Reliable Chemical Dosing Pump Supplier

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