Dockingstation DS400/404

Dockingstation DS404

Dockingstation DS404

Due to the innovative, easy-to-use docking station DS404, you are in complete control of your portable GfG gas detectors Microtector II G450 and G460.

Increased safety through complete documentation

Automatic bump tests, calibrating and last but not least a reduced test time help you to save time, gas and money above all. With the help of the comprehensive and complete documentation you always have an overview.

Complete device management system

Our DS404 is a complete device management system which can be installed everywhere in its space-saving arrangement. A PC connection or module are not necessary. After installation of the station, it works independently. The inserted gas detector is checked and adjusted fully automatically.

Connect up to four test gas cylinders

Not every test gas is available as mixed gas in test gas cylinders. Up to four test gas cylinders with different individual gases and mixed gas compositions can be connected to the DS404. In this way, the management of differently equipped GfG gas detectors and/or devices with special gases can comfortably be assured with one docking station.

Reliability due to SD memory card

You have to prove that your gas detectors are functioning and ready-to-use? You have to prove who has tested which device at which time and what was the final test result? All this is no issue. A SD memory card simultaneously and permanently records all collected relevant data. In this way, you meet the requirements of information 213-057 (T023) and 213-056 (T021) of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) provided by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association BG RCI when performing the daily bump test.

Reading data through display

In case of need, the SD memory card can be removed, data can be stored for backup purposes and printed as master. The display of the inserted gas detector will show whether the initiated process was performed with success or whether the device showed a malfunction.

Results’ overview

  • Parallel connection of up to four different test gas cylinders possible
  • Bump test and calibration are performed fully automatically
  • Documentation of all test results on SD memory card
  • Easy use
  • Fast test run
  • Meets the requirements of information 213-057 (T023) and 213-056 (T021) of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) provided by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association BG RCI for using and operating mobile gas detectors

Dockingstation DS404


Dockingstation DS400

The innovative Dockingstation DS400 is a complete device management system, that offers the user reduced cost and time for performing functional tests (Bump tests), calibration and documentation. The DS400 is compact, portable and does not require a PC to operate.

When inserted into the DS400, the detector is automatically bump checked. Alarm functions are tested to ensure correct operation, in addition to sensor response. Calibration reports can be printed out from the DS400 (via PC). All data is recorded on a memory card, and the data transferred from the detector to the DS400. The data can then be transferred to PC via a USB cable and handled directly in Excel.

The DS400 uses simple traffic light indicators for the user to give the detector status – green is go, red is stop. The DS400 ensures that your detectors are always ready to go, in a safe condition and at a minimum cost.

The advances at a glance

  • Fully automatic bump test
  • Quick calibration
  • Easy handling
  • No PC required
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Dockingstation DS400


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