Teststation TS/TX 400

Teststation TX400

Simple and quick adjustments and responsive to operation display test of gas detectors

To implement the increasing demands in the daily use of gas detectors, the test station TX400 has been developed specially for a rapid execution of the operational display test with a test gas equipment and a possible need for a sensor adjustment. The Teststation TX400 enables a cost-effective and at the same time flexible and mobile use.

Fast on site sensor adjustment

The test station TX400 can quickly and easily read just the sensitivity of the sensors. The progress of the adjustment and the Calibration-Report (gas) are displayed on the device display.

Worldwide fast growing tendency to an operational display test

The operational display test is also world wide accepted and demanded, under a rising use trend. National and increasingly international authorities and organizations active in the Occupational Safety area consider the operational execution of the test as aguarantee for a reliable use and safe operation of the mobile gas detectors.

Requirements for the use and operation of portable gas detectors

Requirements for the operation and use of gas detectors are described in DIN EN 60079-29-2*1. The aforementioned standard strongly recommends the daily carrying out of a display test with a suitable gas testing equipment. The DGUV Information 213-057 leaf let T023 “Gas warning equipment for explosion protection”and DGUV Information 213-056, T021″Gas warning equipment for toxic gases/vapours and oxygen” of the BGRCI demands also the implementation of Visual controls and operational display tests>. Gas detectors are working means with in the meaning of the regulation of health and safety in the use of work equipment (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung-BetrSichV).

Display test

As part of the operational display test, the following functions are tested and stored both in the device and in the TX400: The response of the sensor functionality regarding both the opticaland the acoustic alarm

Additional testing capabilities for:

  • Response time for alarm 1
  • Response time for alarm 2
  • Response time t50 or t90

Data storage

Through the simple and convenient recording of all required data, the requirements for performing the recording of the operational display tests results are met.

Quick and easy testing

The display test automatically tests the measurement functions of the sensors and the triggering of the alarms of the gas detector. The rapidtesting carried enables the gas detectors to quickly become ready for reuse. The display test is performed within 20 seconds.

Complete documentation

The results and data are saved both in the gas warning device and also in the test station, after each test. Thanks to the integrated SD card, it is possible to quickly and easily monitor the operational display test on site.

By storing the test results and the subsequent reading of the data via the USB interface, a data management in a PC is possible. All measured data are permanently recorded- for the lifelong use of the equipment.

Thus, no data will be lost even when the gas detector is lost or damaged.

Quick, easy and inexpensive

Compared to a manual testing, the effort involved is extremely reduced. The time saving due to the automatic documentation of the test results and the electronic detection of data is a supplementary advantage. In addition, a decreasing sensor sensitivity and the response behaviour of the sensors is timely detected by the teststation and correspondingly adjusted.

Significant reduction of the total operation costs

With the use of TX400, the total running costs, the gas consumption, the drafting of the documentation, and the time needed for the display test are significantly reduced. For example, the costs of the display test ona multi-gas meter were calculated by 0.49 euros per each gas detector.

Practical transport case

A special case has been designed for the safe transport of the test gas cylinder, removal fitting device, teststation, power supply unit, vehicle adapter and a strudy transportation case. A fixed position is provided for all components – no slipping or rattlingparts, no annoying cables. The foam insert is designed to protect and secure the perfect transport of the GfG products.

Flexible use

The power supply of the station can be done in the car or on a trolley which dispose of a 12V or 24V power supply socket.

Extensive range of test gases

Depending on the sensor equipment of the gas detector, different test gases are required. For this purpose, handy test gas bottles containing a gas or mixed gases are available. A mixed gas bottle can be used for testing, for example, CO, CO2, O2, CH4 and H2S, being able to carry out up to 464 tests.

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  • Operational display test and on site logging
  • Up to 464 tests per one mixed gas bottle (58 Litre)
  • Quick on site adjustments
  • Documentation
  • Easy operation
  • Fast and user-friendly Testing
  • No PC necessary
  • Affordable
  • Reduces test gas and
  • Reduced operation costs due to decreased operational times
  • Maximal protection offered by a precise and accurate device
  • Meets the DGUV requirements of the T 021 and T023 data sheets, as well as of the standard DIN EN 60079-29-2
  • Always at handy and mobile Optimisation of the operating costs
  • Extensive range of test gases

Teststation TX400


Teststation TS400

For considering the increasing requirements in the daily use of gas detectors, GfG has developed test station TS400 on the basis of the proven docking station DS400 for performing the daily bump test with gas. The test station enables a cost-effective, flexible and location-independent use.

Data storage

Due to the automatic recording of the required data, all requirement for performing and recording bump tests are completely met in accordance with the regulations T 023/T 021 of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association BG RCI. During bump tests, the functions of the gas detector are tested and stored in the detector and the test station. The USB interface of TS400 can always be used for transferring the data stored on the SD memory card to a PC. Thus, no data will be lost even when the gas detector is lost or damaged.

Flexible use

For performing the required bump test independently from the location, the test station is connected to a test gas cylinder. In this case, the power supply in the vehicle or mobile workshop is assured with the help of a 12 V or 24 V voltage supply unit.

Fast and cost-efficient

The bump test just takes 20 seconds: The inserted gas detector is automatically tested for correct sensor functioning and correct alarm triggering. In this way, the gas detectors are again ready for use within the shortest time and the test is safely documented. Thus, the running costs will be lowered considerably and the risk is minimized: The gas consumption, test times and recording time for the documentation are reduced to a minimum. Thus, the daily test of the Microtector II costs less than 0.50 EUR!

Practical transport case

A special case has been designed for the safe transport of the test gas cylinder, fitting, test station, power supply unit, vehicle adapter and gas detector. A fixed position is provided for all components – no slipping or rattling parts, no annoying cables. The foam insert is perfectly adapted to the GfG products.

The advances at a glance

  • Affordable purchase price and permanent reduction of running costs
  • Bump tests with gas and logging everywhere
  • Documentation of all test results on SD memory card and in the gas detector
  • Up to 464 tests using one single 58l GfG mixed gas cylinder
  • Easy use
  • Fast test run
  • Meets the requirements of information 213-057 (T023) and 213-056 (T021) of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) provided by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association BG RCI for using and operating mobile gas detectors

Teststation TS400


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